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People Strengths - Development Planning

  • Jiten Hindocha
    Vice President

    A civil engineer and urban management specialist, with over ten years of experience in the field of urban management and financial analysis for municipal bodies and infrastructure projects. In the field of urban management, his focus has been on Municipal Finance, Infrastructure, Governance and Management. His experience includes project formulation and appraisal concerning municipal infrastructure, preparation of municipal MIS, preparation of financial and operating plans, systems and management studies for ULBs, preparation of city development strategies and corporate plans for municipal bodies, performance assessment of ULBs, training and capacity building of municipal officials, estimation of state-level investment requirements in municipal sector and economic and financial analysis of highway projects.


  • Ravindra Sanagavarappu
    Vice President

    An urban environmental planner with over nine years of experience in urban development and environmental management. He has worked extensively on urban planning project formulation and appraisal, focusing on developing commercially viable infrastructure. He has also worked in the areas of environmental and social assessment for highway projects, for various national and international agencies. His other initiatives have been in the area of urban environmental management, focussing on waste management and environmental infrastructure. He has also worked on risk assessment for toll roads for various development finance institutions. He has researched in the area of community management to develop commercially viable infrastructure systems for low-income settlements with community participation and management.


  • Harinath A S
    Vice President

    An environment planner and civil engineer, he has over eight years of experience in environmental and social assessment of infrastructure projects, urban and environmental management, project formulation and municipal finance. He has carried out EIAs for 500kms of road projects, formulated solid waste management plans for fifteen cities and lake / river conservation plans for five cities of India. He is well versed in the design of effluent treatment plants for various industries, wastewater reuse and recycling and other aspects of environmental engineering. He has worked extensively on project formulation and environmental assessment of infrastructure projects funded by The World Bank, ADB, USAID, domestic and foreign financial institutions, including state and central environment ministries for principal cities in India. He has also been involved in preparation of environmental sanitation program for Chennai, City Corporate Plans in Tamil Nadu and comparative performance assessment of municipalities in the states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.


  • Giridhar B A
    Chief Consultant

    With a doctorate in environmental science and technology this experienced project leader has twenty years of experience in conducting Environmental Impact Assessments for various industrial and infrastructure projects including extensive field-based assignments like surveys, monitoring of environmental quality, participation in 'public hearing' processes, environmental appraisal for regulatory bodies and funding agencies, Environmental Management System of ISO 14001 implementation, environmental audit and environmental due diligence studies.


  • Brijgopal Ladda
    Assistant Vice President

    He has over ten years of expertise in the field of urban planning focusing on municipal finance, municipal infrastructure and urban management. His experience includes project formulation and appraisal for urban infrastructure and preparation of Financial and Operating Plans (FOP) for ULBs in various states of India. He has worked extensively in the areas of municipal infrastructure and finance concentrating on developing MIS to help assess comparative performance of ULBs. He has experience in developing tariff models for full cost recovery and financial operation of ULBs and state utility agencies. He has prepared FOPs for 102 ULBs in Tamil Nadu for preliminary appraisal of the World Bank aided TNUDP-II. He was a core team member of the First State Finance Commission of Tamil Nadu, and the Second State Finance Commission of Tamil Nadu. He has also worked on the financial analysis of several highways and other infrastructure projects.


  • Arjun Narayanan
    Assistant Vice President

    Experienced in research and consultancy, for over eleven years, in chemistry, materials study, environment, health, safety, infrastructure and development financing. He has developed and managed technical assistance programmes and undertaken field studies and evaluations for policy research and analysis. He has developed proposals for funding for his department as well as project management and coordination for proposals awarded. He was a consultant in the areas of environment, health and safety (EHS). He was involved in environmental assessments, audits, emergency management plans etc., for the government and several multinationals in India. As programme manager in the UNDP, he was involved in the formulation of proposals for the Global Environment Facility, overall programme development and management of the UNDP/India Rural Energy Programme as well as components of the Small Scale Industry Programme. He was the principal resource for a survey of the Indian power sector and consultant for the assessment of management training institutions.


  • Sudipto Sengupta
    Group Senior Manager

    A social planner with over seven years of experience in rural development, monitoring, evaluation and project management. His academic background includes postgraduate qualifications in economics and urban and regional planning from India and the United States. He was involved in monitoring and evaluating studies especially in agriculture produce cooperatives. He has worked extensively with GIS and remote sensing during his course work and projects at Virginia Tech, United States. He has also worked in the area of nutrient trading, focusing on non-point source pollution.


  • Sreedhar Srinivasan
    Group Senior Manager

    Experienced for over twelve years in urban planning, urban design, management consulting and urban architecture. He has been identified as a resource person in urban planning for the Danish International Development Agency (DANIDA) aided Bhutan Urban Development Project and has managed a number of infrastructure projects involving project identification, structuring and marketing. Assessment of infrastructure funding needs, sector specific strategies for private sector investment to reduce funding gap, identification of critical infrastructure projects to support project economics, development action plans, city development and urban renewal strategies for potential economic centers are his areas of expertise. His core practice area includes physical planning of neighborhoods/ township layouts, and research in new town planning and design in India vis-a-vis the global context. His experience includes supervision, contracting, contract administration and project management on civil, architectural and urban development projects. He has worked with international consultants like Development Consult, Dubai and extensively coordinated with Belt Collins International, Singapore.




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